August 8, 2018

Advertising Sites

This is an early, crude attempt to rate and analyze different places to advertise based on several categories of ratings. If you would like to suggest additions or changes please email us directly and note whether you are a client, provider, or work for the website itself.
This page is not yet mobile friendly. Please visit on desktop.
Here are another site trying to compile advertising details:
TRANS- they are a trans-inclusive site.
BDSM-  they have a section for BDSM providers, or are accepting of them in general.
MASSAGE-  you can list on there as a strictly massage provider.
MEN- they also have a section for male escorts.
    -1 -Very poor
    2- Okay
    3- Very Good
Notes on ratings for different categories:
  • Spam: 1 means tons of spam, 3 means virtually none
  • Cost: 1 means high, 3 means free
  • ID Verification: no verification is 3, yes is 1 (because it makes it less anonymous)
  • Ease of Use/sign-up: 1 means pain in the ass, 3 means very quick/easy to use
  • How widely used/accessible to clients is it: 1 very little traffic or accessibility, 3 means highly used/accessible
  • Verification/Reference system: 3 means good system for getting client references, 1 means none or bad

(We know this is sloppy and hard to read. We will make it better as soon as possible.)