August 8, 2018


The most important fact for clients to know, is that sex workers talk. This means the best thing you can do for your experiences is to be respectful, clean, on-time, and generous. It will benefit you many-fold and plus, sex workers are real people.

Additionally, if you and the person you’re working with can agree to use privacy tools such as Signal Messenger and secure email services such as Protonmail, you can both protect your identity and your pleasure. Further, modern crypto-currency wallets like Jaxx Liberty or Exodus make it easy to store crypto on multiple devices, make quick transactions, change between currencies, and maintain financial discretion. For more information on topics such as removing personal information on the internet, secure communications, and utilizing crypto-currency safely, please contact us directly.

If you are simply looking for places to view ads, please visit this link on desktop (a more accessible version is forthcoming).