August 8, 2018


You already have the instincts it takes to practice security culture, we want to share the skills and tools you need to be more effective.

If you are interested in migrating your personal wordpress to a more secure and private server we can assist with the process. If you are tech savvy we can give you a general guideline and you can do it yourself, otherwise we can take care of all the nerdy parts for you including managing the site, domain, and server.

We are in the process of building a user-friendly table of places that sex workers are advertising ranked on various facets of their usability, accessibility, popularity, and security. For now though a wonky version can be found here (readable on desktop only). We will also be uploading a more detailed overview of security and privacy tools and practices including things like cryptocurrency and full-disk encryption.

Two basic steps you can take to make your business more secure though are trying to convince clients to use a secure messaging app like Signal Messenger or Wire and using a secure email service such as Protonmail. Further, modern crypto-currency wallets like Jaxx Liberty or Exodus make it easy to store crypto on multiple devices, make quick transactions, change between currencies, and maintain financial discretion.

Additional Resources:

Migrating a wordpress site (detailed description forthcoming)

Short overview

  1. Securely acquire necessary crypto-currencies
  2. Get new server and domain
  3. Transfer domain
  4. Install wp and security certificate on new server for new site
  5. Transfer site
  6. Erase all metadata on photos and files
  7. Check for and fix bugs and vulnerabilities
  8. Delete all old information